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Main features.

  • Monthly subscription to © Amada Madonna Fairy, for vendors.
  • Subscription of automated services for weddings, celebrations and travel.
  • The amount in the shopping cart represents the number of months that the subscription will be contracted.
  • The © Amada Madonna Fairy subscription service will show you interesting services that can increase your sales and further optimize your business in Mexico.
  • Base storage of: 3 GB.

About the price and purchase options.

  • Prices expressed in Mexican pesos (MXN).
  • To find out the payment methods for this product sheet, see the tab: How to buy?
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© Amada Madonna Fairy is inspired by the character of the Fairy Godmother in fairy tales.


  • © Amada Madonna Fairy, unites both customers and vendros. By being subscribed to this service as a vendor, you will be able to have the opportunities for customers to find you, instead of going out looking for them.
  • Keep in touch with wedding clients in one place.

The contact details of your business will have coverage for all of Mexico.

No more advertising spend on outdated, outdated and limited physical wedding directories.

In © Amada Madonna Fairy you can include the contact details of your business in our contact books. So that customers in the wedding, celebration and travel market can find you. Not only in your city, but also with coverage in Mexico.

A centralized place to manage all your ads, wherever they are.

We know that wedding vendors can contract advertisements in various media such as magazines, press, Internet, etc. However, it can be very tedious to manage and keep track of each one of them. For example, sending budgets on each platform, coordinating dates, organizing employees, etc.

In © Amada Madonna Fairy you can have an automated calendar where you can direct your clients, so that the dates of your business are completely in order and functional. In this way, your business can be more efficient and increase sales. In fact, in a few steps you will be able to integrate all your ads to this calendar.

You will be able to get clients from the entire league of weddings, celebrations and travel in Mexico.

© Amada Madonna Fairy is the place where wedding clients and vendors meet. We have prepared everything to be like a commercial center for the market of weddings, celebrations and travel. In this way, the number of potential customers who will be interested in your products or services will increase.

It will no longer be necessary to go through the stress of Map Apps.

Even the best providers of Maps Apps have their limitations because they are very general services, so we propose: what if you include your business in our own Maps App, within © Amada Madonna Fairy?

The great advantage is that it is not used by the general public, but by clients from the wedding, travel and celebration market in Mexico.

You can include your business data in our contact books. Thus, customers within our Maps App will be able to explore the surroundings of their wedding venue, choose from updated directories and request information safely.

Display your portfolio of work safely and professionally.

You can prepare photo albums that can be seen as galleries and presentations.

If you have ever participated in a Wedding Expo, then you will have noticed that there are many brochures that clients receive, much information for them to review. In addition, there are photos on each social network of each wedding vendor.

All this is not convenient or easy to make sales, nor is it to be sending samples of your work portfolio through email, to each potential client.

How about letting © Amada Madonna Fairy take care of displaying your portfolio of work, safely?

© Amada Madonna Fairy will be able to make suggestions on the type of wedding vendor clients need, for each stage of their wedding. In this way, you can make your business known at the most appropriate time; that is, when customers want to buy or hire what precisely your business offers. Remember that customers like to buy, not be sold to.

You can define the time that your work portfolio will be displayed, for each client. This way no efforts will be wasted and everything will be efficient for sales.

You will no longer have the disgust of misunderstandings and you will avoid scams.

You will be able to do sessions with clients, safely.

In © Amada Madonna Fairy you can safely make videoconferences for wedding planning, the written conversations will be saved for your safety.

Video conferences with well-equipped online rooms, with documents, appointments, schedules and more.

Obviously not everything is about security. In © Amada Madonna Fairy, when you have an online appointment with a client, both of you will have the related documents “at hand”, such as payment slips, dates, addresses. Everything you need to make online dating truly productive.

How to buy?

Payment methods.

  • 🏦 Bank payment.
    • To pay through the bank, then tap or click the button: Add to cart. Consequently, follow the instructions and complete your order within Amada Madonna Store Mexico.
  • 💳 Credit or debit card.
    • PayPal.
      • For this option, select the tab: Pay with PayPal. Accordingly, tap or click the corresponding button and follow the instructions in PayPal.
      • You must have an account with Amada Madonna Store Mexico, and be logged in at all times for the checkout process to be successful.

The payment method providers are subject to their own Terms and Conditions, as well as their own Privacy Policies.

For more detailed information about payment methods, payment providers availability regions, as well as customer benefits, then visit the following page:

Payment methods

SKU codes.

If you have an order number.

Then you will not need the SKU codes to make the purchase.

If you don’t have an order number.

In case you don’t have an order number, but want to buy directly through a payment provider, then you will need the SKU code of each product you buy. Therefore, we advise you to save the SKU codes of each product you buy without the order number, i.e. directly.

The SKU code of each product is located below the section of: About pricing and purchasing options.

To select the SKU code, simply double click on it to select it, then copy and paste it into a text document or notepad to save it. You can separate each SKU code by a comma and a space, to add the next one.

Means of payment that will need the SKU codes, for purchases without an order number:

  • PayPal.

What does “can be backordered” mean?

It means that in case the inventory is out of stock, you can make a purchase to reserve the next product or service, when it becomes available. It’s like reserving your place in line.

The “can be backordered” option is only available for bank payment, through the option of touching or clicking on the button: Add to cart. And complete the order inside Amada Madonna Store Mexico.

Tax invoices

SAT tax invoices in Mexico.

You can consult all the information available about tax invoicing, through Amada Madonna Store Mexico, by accessing through the following button:

Tax invoices

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